Baby Button loves Shoes

When Button was a puppy
she had a serious feet fetisch.
I could not walk one step
without her trying to jump on and bite my feet.

She is now one year old
and she still wants to do it
but she has learned.
But the first 6 months
nobody was save when walking
with Button around.

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Bulldog Butts

The most Beautifull Butts in the World..
are Bulldog Butts!

All Bulldog owners know it and love it,
there is no butt that can beat the Bulldog Butt
We cannot get enough of these cute Butts
and we see them everywhere!

A collection of the cutest and most beautiful Bully Butts.
I divided them in the following categories:

• I like Big Bulldog Butts
• Tiny Tooshies
• Baggy Butts
• Smart Asses
• Bikini Butts
• Dropping Derrieres
• Shake that Ass

I Like Big Bulldog Butts
and I cannot Lie

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