10.000 Bulldog Fans on Facebook


Last week we hit the magic number of 10.000 likes on Facebook. Last year, we started on Facebook and within the year we have 10.000 fellow Bulldog fans. I want to thank you all for posting and sharing your Bulldog Cuties. Today Baggy Bulldogs is a worldwide Bulldog Community withover 50.000 fans on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Group, the Dutch Facebook GroupWordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube etc. With al these social media platforms the community is growing and growing faster everyday. I got a lot of emails and comments thanking me for making them laugh or making their day. Now I would like to use this happy milestone to Thank You!

Thank you all for making this community for what it is now; a place to share the Bulldog Lo♥e. Sharing Bulldog photos and videos, asking questions and having open discussions, helping Bulldogs worldwide finding a home and working together with rescues, helping other bulldog owners with behavioural problems or new bulldogowners with questions. In between posting, collecting and editting all the cute stuff you send in, I like to read your comments and see all your daily topics, questions and discussions in the groups. Everyday this brings a smile to my face to see so much love. The Baggy Bulldog Community is helping eachother out. I might be the one posting and editting the content but all you Bulldog Fans are really the power behind it! Baggy Bulldogs is a community, a big Bulldog Family, there is no commercial intent, just a get to gether of Bulldog fanatics. No matter if you are a Bulldog owner, breeder of just a fan of the breed, we all have that one thing in common: We ♥ Bulldogs!

Baggy Bulldogs started more than 10 years ago. Baggy was my very 1st Bulldog, so in her memory I dedicated the blog and page to her. I started a on a dutch community called Hyves. Connecting, sharing and organising Bulldog Beach Walks in the Netherlands. A few years later, we also started on Twitter and last year on Facebook. All together forming one big happy Bulldog family, together we laugh, we help, we save, we share and we learn. These days, our Bulldog Fans are spread over the whole world, sharing the Bulldog Lo♥e.

Thank you all for being a part of this Bulldog Family and making all this Bulldog Cuteness possible.
Thank you for all your kind messages, all the cute photos and videos you post and all the stories you share,
much ♥ for our Baggy Bulldog Family worldwide!


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  1. Hi

    Sorry not sure how to send photos via the website, so here’s a pic of my bulldog Trixie…

    Gene Simmons heat your heart out….. are the words that come to mind



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