Abbey needs a Home

bbI am Abbey, I Get along well with with cats, dogs and humans, I am about 14 months old and I love to run, play and snuggle. I am living in an animal sanctuary in Colorado right now with 40 other dogs, none of them look like me but we get along really well. Before I came here I was at another shelter who found me wandering the streets. My insides were really sick. I had garbage gut and other issues from being in heat on the streets. Since I came here I have been on antibiotics, gotten really good food, been spayed, vaccinated and got something really cool called a microchip so I won’t ever get lost again.They say I can live here the rest of my life but I would really like to go to a place that understands Bullies and how special we are. I would love to get more attention than they can give me here, it’s a busy place. I also have special needs. I have a deformity that blocks my colon and bladder from emptying normally. so I need to wear Doggy Diapers. I need some help in terms of my personal care and I need to find just the right person to help me out, otherwise they say I am very healthy. I could pay you back with kisses, love and lots of snuggles.

Do you think you can give Abbey a Home for the rest of her Life and take care of this young beautiful girl.
Please Contact:

Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary

42528 Needle Rock Road
Crawford, Colorado
Or Facebook: AbbeyDo You know a Bulldog in need of a Home? Send some photos, info and contactinfo by e-mail
We have a worldwide fanbase so maybe their new home is just waiting for them!

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