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  1. amc

    I love this website! Finally a website for those who are in love with the bullies just like me!

  2. amc

    I found you on Twitter and have to say I’m in love with your website! Finally someone who is obsessed with bullies just like me!!

      • amc

        Hi I was just wondering if u knew when a English Bulldog puppy should walk? My male (Winston Churchill) & my female (Margaret Thatcher) just had their first baby a little girl we call Una she is now 4 weeks & is still not walking. I called my vet but he told me not to worry so much & that he will examine her when he sees her @ 6 weeks. My bullies are my babies & I do tend to worry but I just wanted to know if these worries are legitimate or if I should just wait, after all bullies tend to do things in their own time. If I could get some feedback from someone who actually has bullies it will mean a lot to me. Thank-you for your time.

      • Hi there, it really depens on the puppies. I have seen puppies who were in the same litter, some walked after 3 weeks others after 5 weeks. I f your puppy is energetic and is crawling but not walking she is probably just a little slow. But if you have any doubt about it go visit a vet. You can stimulate the walking by motivating the puppy with food (let it crawl towards you and give the treat up high (so it has to stand up a little). Hope she will be waggin and wigglin soon;-)
        Pls keep me updated, congrats on your puppy and hugs for the bulldogparents.

  3. amc

    Hello again just writing to give u a up date. My little Una began walking the day I received your reply. She is now running all over my house & keeping her parents very busy! Lol I wanted to thank you for responding to my question. It’s very nice to have someone who understands that these bullies are my family not my pets! Thanks again
    P.S I love your post they make me laugh everyday!

  4. Donna Jordan

    We got our first Bulldog in September… It’s the best thing we’ve done in a long time…I can not imagine being without a Bully now…. X

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for all U do. Look forward to your posts every day. God bless U, James & Miss Bean.
    Bullies are truly the bestest!

  6. I don’t know much about these guys, but they sure are cute! Life is much better with dogs… thanks for visiting my blog during our time of distress. Everything appears to be ok now — 😉 x Laura

  7. Angela

    Hi there – I absolutely love your blog – I love bulldogs and your pics and stories are just wonderful. Are you on Instagram? All of your photos would go down so well with a lot of the bulldog owners I follow – I know you’re on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest but please consider Instagram – I would love you to share your pics on there because I feel there are so many people missing out on the wonderful world of bully’s. xx

  8. Dear Sabrina, your bulldogs are so cute! My husband and I don’t have children–well, we do have three “babies”–our three bullies! I am Greek-American, so our dogs are Achilles (5), Oia (4), and Opa (3 years old). They give us so much joy, and I love just looking at their cute faces. I have more pictures of our dogs on my Instagram: kimberlykrobeson if you want to check it out. Thanks for your post and I will continue to check out your blog!
    Kimberly 🙂

  9. Thanks for finding and liking my Wordless Wednesday!
    I was seriously thinking about bull dogs the other night. I read some article that had a photo of a guy with an under bite and then I had to think of what dogs do. I couldn’t think if it was bull dogs or pugs, then I figured it didn’t matter. Both are adorable. 🙂
    Great looking dogs on your blog!

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