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The Baggy Bulldog Group,a place to Share the Bulldog Love
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You can share Bulldog photos, videos, ask questions, share stories and so on. The best photos and videos go on to the Baggy Bulldogs Facebook page  or the Baggy Bulldog Blog


1. You can share your stories, photos, videos and all other content as long as the material is Bulldog related, suitable for all ages, no drama and has no commercial intent.
2. There is no selling, advertising or hinting at selling whatsoever. This includes products, puppies and stud services as well as litter announcements. No product advertising at all whether bought, made or gifted. When you are showing a litter of puppies the admins might ask you to add *not for sale* to the post
3. There is no asking for money – that includes fundraisers.
4. You can “share” photos and videos from your own facebook/Instagram/youtube/twitter pages but links to commercial or company websites are not allowed and the content in that link has to be your own content, no repeated content
5. It is not allowed to promote groups or pages or try to contact our members by email/pm with that intention. When members are only in the group to promote/spam their own page the posts will be removed and the user will be banned. It’s against our rules to use other member’s photos or videos for content.
6. Postings with Contests and/or asking for votes, followers and likes is not allowed.
7. When you block the admins of the group you will get banned from the group.
8. Please dont make photoalbums in the group, but share your bulldog’s photos on the timeline of the group

When you Need Help or when you see a post that is selling puppies or products or is in any other way in violation of the rules please report the post
(click on the button on the top right of the post and choose report as abuse). If you have any issues or questions contact one of the admins.

Only post your own content no repetitive posts. Everything that is posted has a chance to go on the page or blog, sometimes edited with a funny quote or mixed into a new Bulldog Collection.

Everybody is free to “SHARE” all the content here but please don’t save and post as your own!
Facebook Pages, websites or people who do Copy will be Blocked and Named. We always name our sources be so kind to do the same.

In the group is English, please try in English so everyone can read the comments without using the translation buttons.
For Dutch/Belgian members there is also a Dutch Baggy Bulldog Facebook Group

Be nice to each other. No foul language, hateful, or rude comments. We don’t judge on pedigree or colors. Let’s all be nice to each other and respect each other Dogs and each other’s opinions even though they might be different. Remember Baggy Bulldogs is a place to share your Bulldog Love.

Regularly we have photo and video collections with a theme. For example Bulldog Classics (all black and white photos), Sleepy Bulldogs, Bulldogs for Valentine’s or Bulldogs in Sports. Click here for an overview of the earlier collections. If there is a new collection I will post it on the page and twitter with a # (for example ). If you want to add your Bully to a new or old collection make sure to put the in the Title of the photo or video. Best way to upload video is to put it on YouTube and then post the link.

Only approved rescues are allowed to post Bulldogs up for adoption on our page. Please check with an admin for prior permission to do so.

When you are new here, please introduce yourself and your bulldog by sharing a photo or video.
Enjoy the Bulldog Love and Thank You all for making this possible and Sharing and Spreading Bulldog Cuteness Worldwide

♥ Baggy Bulldogs

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