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Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy was the name of my very first English Bulldog.
Ever since I was a little girl, I fell in love with the English Bulldog
and in 1999, I finally adopted my first Bulldog: Baggy.

Baggy showed me how loving and
beautiful Bulldogs really are.
Eventhough I was already in Love with Bulldogs,
Baggy still managed to exceed my expectations.

From the moment I got Baggy, I knew for sure,
there was going to be a Bulldog by my side, for the rest of my Life.

Baggy is slang for loose/oversized clothing,
or as in the case of a Bulldog, loose skin.


So in honour of my first Bulldog ♥ Baggy
I started Baggy Bulldogs, a community
for Bulldog Lovers worldwide and
a Bulldog Rescue in the Netherlands

To me, Baggy Bulldogs has become a way of Life.
Although I can’t describe the Love I feel for this breed,
I tried to do so in this blog:
What makes the Bulldog so Special?

When I was young I had
the intention to start a kennel.
What could be better than
to have bulldog puppies around 24/7 right?

But when I adopted and rescued my 2nd Bulldog,
I saw the downside of breeding and saw how many Bulldogs
were dumped at rescues or sold online.

So I concluded that my energy and love for this breed
was better expressed in rescuing them, than breeding them.

So, I now focus on rescuing and rehoming English Bulldogs
in the Netherlands, organizing Bulldog Beach Walks and
trying to educate people about the beautiful English Bulldog breed.

Baggy Bulldogs is now a Bulldog Rescue in the Netherlands
and a Worldwide Community of Bulldog Lovers
with over 400.000 fans and followers worldwide
to come together and share the Bulldog Love ♥

About me, my name is Sabrina,
I live in the Hague, the Netherlands, with my Bulldog Button.
Besides having Button as my companion and mascotte of Baggy Bulldogs,
I often have foster and rescue dogs at home,
before finding good homes for them.

♥ Baggy Button the Baggy Bulldogs mascotte ♥

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Me and Misses BeanBaggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs is here
to share the Loves and Laughs
of the Bulldog Breed

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5 thoughts on “Baggy Bulldogs

  1. I am so happy to find a bulldog blog! My husband and I are raising our second rescue bulldog and it’ll be nice to read up on tips from a pro like you. Thanks!

  2. Amanda Fraser

    Glad to find baggy bully’s, we are looking to either buy or rehome one or maybe two bully’s please could you give any advice? Thanks

  3. Nilsa

    I lost my bully, Gino, over a year ago. He was the sweetest, goofiest, and most loving dog I’ve ever known. I miss him terribly. Eventually, I intend to get another bully, but via rescue this time. In the meantime, I will enjoy following your blog. Thanks so much for all the awesome pics and posts.

  4. Anonymous

    BULLDOGS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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