Bulldog and Dachshund

The Bulldog is of course the perfect photomodel but it is still takes a creative mind and skills to make it a true work of Art. I think Serena Hudson is one of those creative minds who knows how to capture both the Bulldog beauty and their character. She has two dogmodels; Ralph the Dachshund and Simon the Bulldog. Rocco the Bullmastiff passed away about three years ago.

Serena’s Story on how she started in Dog Photography: I’ve always had a keen interest in photography and used to take my little point ‘n’ shoot everywhere I took my dogs, then about four years ago I started taking it seriously. I basically follow my creative intuition and shoot ideas that interested me. I have an offbeat sense of humor and I’m obsessed with my animals – and I wanted to show this through photography and Serenah photography was born. Make sure to check out her website Serenah Photography and Facebookpage.

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bbbbThank You Serena for sharing your  beauties.


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