Bulldog Cake

It’s almost real, but this is a Cake!
This must be the best cake a BulldogLover can get.

If anyone knows who made it, please tell. I would like to name the artist and if possible Im ordering one:D 

Update: After googling some more on bulldogcakes look what I found:

They all look great !
I still I think the first picture is the best one…
and like 2 know who made it.

Update 3: There is just 2 many…
I never knew people could make such artworks from cake!

bbFrom:  Jose Antonio Lopez


6 thoughts on “Bulldog Cake

  1. Hi! I made the cake 🙂 It was for a teacher’s husband who was retiring and the banner read “This Dawg is Done!” I’ve made several bulldogs since then and yesterday I won a competition judged by Buddy the Cake Boss (for a different cake, not a bulldog) and he took a pic with me next to my most recent bulldog! I’ll try to attach it!

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