Bulldog Classics

It’s Time!
The Bulldog Classic Collection is out! Cause of some softwareproblems and some mistakes on my part (I accidentally deleted all the photos) it took a while but I hope it was worth waiting for:D

Thank You all for sharing your Classic Bulldog Cuties ♥

Because of the music the video is blocked in some countries. Below you can also watch the video without the music.


More Classic Bulldog Photo Collections

Bulldog Classic Collection Part I

Bulldog Classic Collection Part  II

Buldog Classic Collection Part III

Bulldog Classic Collection Part IV

Bulldog Classic Collection Part V

No music:

6 thoughts on “Bulldog Classics

  1. Loved it! But you always do such a great job with the site, the pic’s, the video’s….(smiles) Fantastic! I love every moment I spend here!
    Oh and the music..(kisses fingers Italian style) perfecto!!
    Thank you!

    • Thank you thats means a lot. I just put it together the real thanks goes to all people sharing their cute bulldogs and of course the best models all on there, those cute Bulldogs♥

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