Bulldog Poem: Bulldog in Bed


The bulldog slumbers at the foot of my bed
Grunting and snoring confounding my head
Paint on the walls appears to be peeling
The overhead light dangles loose from the ceiling
Slime covered pillows from slobbering jowls
Silk pillowcases replaced by old towels
The cracks in the walls get progressively deeper
Timeless reminders of a resounding loud sleeper
Kicking and thrashing while chasing a rabbit
Her dream escapades are a nightly bad habit
Blankets have now stopped covering my feet
My bedroom no longer a welcome retreat
The flatulent hisses are quiet and deadly
Alternated with snores they produce a nice medley
Rubbing my eyes I glance at the time
Since I can’t sleep I came up with this rhyme

Author: Karol Lisa Hassani
Photo: Zak Jacobson

3 thoughts on “Bulldog Poem: Bulldog in Bed

  1. Ha! I love it. This is so true about what life with a Bulldog is like. Though I do think the final word of the poem should be “rhyme” not “rhythm.” The first actually rhymes, the second does not. Autocorrect, perhaps?

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