Bulldog Poem: Ode to Rosie by Justin Rudd

Her tail is short
Her waist is wide
At 39 pounds, she’s a beauty.

She has a lot of love
But, not a long tail
She means all the world to me.

She likes to go for coffee
She likes it at the beach
She likes me to scratch her ear.

She likes her treats
She likes my bed
She likes to have me near

She loves to eat
She likes to sleep
She likes to lick my face.

She eats real loud
And snores like a train
And walks at a very slow pace

She rides in the wagon
She rides in the car
She rarely skips a meal

She loves the couch
She digs her bone
She likes to bark a great deal.

She doesn’t like baths
She doesn’t like noises
She really doesn’t like me to go.

She dislikes heat
She really hates fleas
She really hates the word “N-O!”

She likes to get scratched
She likes to get stroked
She likes a short walk to the park.

But give her a bone
And give her a ball
But, don’t leave Rosie in the dark


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