Bulldog Poem; Watching a Bulldog Sleep

When a Bulldog sleeps, she draws you in.
Sunday afternoons are every time and
lonely couches breath in unison and
wrap her warm against a spring breeze
sneaking through the kitchen door.
When a Bulldog sleeps, she snores.
Great paws frame an undershot chin;
snorts and yelps as she dreams of
squirrels who never get away
and food bowls that never empty.
When she’s sleeping, the Bulldog’s
face wrinkles closed until she more
resembles a Sharpei. And when she
wakens, she does so like a human being;
slow and stiff and annoyed.
A Bulldog is not a restless creature.
A Bulldog is completely content here
on earth; confident that what she is doing
right now is what she is meant to do.


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