Bulldog Profiles

Want to share your Bulldog with the rest of the world?
Want to give your Bulldog his or hers minutes of Fame?
Well here’s your Change!

Just fill in the information beneath and mail it to:
baggybulldogs@gmail.com (with at least 1 photo/video)
put #Bulldog of the Month in title and put contactinformation (your twitter or nickname) in the e-mail. Your twitter or nickname will be mentioned in the post.

Every Bulldog will be posted,
the best stories and videos/pictures will be blogged and tweeted
and the very best will go for the Ultimate Fame of: Bulldog of the Month!
Their change to get their own special! When your dog is Bulldog of the month you get a special page, mention and if you send in enough video and picturematerial I will make an video compilation or slideshow dedicated to your dog.

Bulldog Stats 

Date of Birth
Familysize (humans and pets)
Twitter or Facebook Bulldog and/or Owner

Nick names        


Bulldog Profile

Just tell us about your dog, what makes him or her special, did you get it as a puppy or did you adopt, why did you choose a bulldog, hows your dog with other dogs and animals, favorite sports or toys, what does its bark sound like, lifestories, just anything to describe Your Bulldog!

Bulldog Report

What scores do you give your dog on the following subjects on a scale from 1 to 5.

***** very (good/much)
****  good/a lot
***   neutral
**    pretty bad/much
*     very bad/much

Social with other dogs
Social with kids

Tips to make your Bulldog, the Bulldog of the Month

– Include as much pictures and videos of your dog (videolinks from youtube will do)
– Make sure your picture and videomaterial is of good quality
– Let us get to know your dog just by reading your profile and seeing those pictures, content is key
– Every Bulldog can take a shot at the Title of Bulldog of the Month no matter what language they speak (English, French, American…it’s all good but it has 2 be Bulldog;-)|
– If you have more than one dog they can all go for the title once a month

Looking forward to meet, greet and read about your Bulldogs!


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