Bulldog Riders


What are the things Bulldogs love the most? I would guess: Food, Hugs, Skating aaaand Riding.
Bulldogs Love to Ride. 

Bulldogs Love everything on Wheels.
Hangin out the window during Roadtrips,
Rollin by in a Sidecar or on a Motorcycle, Bulldogs seem to be Natural Born Riders.

A Video and Photo Collection of all those Bulldog Riders.

Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Karen Jones

Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Grace Melsher

Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Guy Hoenen

Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Jenee Blundell


Some Tips for you and your Dog on the Road

  • Make sure your Car is a safe environment (remove chemicals like windowcleaners and remove all lose objects in the car)
  • Always use a Dog Seatbelt, you can buy this at almost every petstore or online. This will keep your dog safe, or use a secured dogcrate or dogcarrier. Even a small collision can make your dog go flying out of the window also a dog that is not secured can be a risk in traffic when moving around inside the car while moving.
  • Never ever ever leave your dog alone in the Car, no not even for a few minutes. Your dog can not only die from a heatstroke but it is also an easy pray for dognappers.
  • When going on a trip make sure to excersize your dog before the trip and bring enough water and treats.
  • Baggy BulldogsPhoto: Colby ElsassBaggy BulldogsPhoto: Stephanie Moore

Some Bulldogs love Carrides so much they will get into any car.
This couple left their Door open and this cute Bulldog just steps in waiting for a ride and refusing to leave without one. He can not even be bribed with Mac Donalds leftovers 😉

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