Bulldog Top 10 of 2012

Baggy Bulldogs in 2012. It was a great year for Baggy Bulldogs. I found new homes for seven Bulldogs who all are very happy now at their new homes. We had an amazing Bulldog Beach Walk this Year and the planning for the Bully Beach Walk 2013 has already started. Baggy Bulldogs online is growing every day! Almost 10.000 followers on Twitter, growing fast on Facebook,  Pinterest and Tumblr and the Bulldog Blog, that started may this year, gets over a 1000 visitors a day!

Thank You all for  helping by sharing. I can’t emphasize this enough; when you Share, you Help! Especially the blogs about  dogs in need of a home and blogs about stopping animal cruelty. Because of your shares those Bulldogs now have a Loving Home! I also want to thank everyone who send in their bulldogpictures and/or videos, you all make the cute content of this Bulldog Blog thanks for sharing your Bulldog with us!

Baggy Bulldogs in 2013 will do exactly the same as we did last year, only more. Spreading Bulldog Cuteness, Rehoming Bulldogs in the Netherlands, Stop Animal Cruelty and educate people about the beautifull breed that is…The English Bulldog ♥


Baggy Bulldogs Top 10 Blogs of 2012

1: The Bulldog Hall of Shame
2: The Famous Bulldog Collection
3: The Bulldogs and Babies Collection
4: A Bulldog’s Xmas
5: Bulldog Sounds
6: Animal Cruelty: Michael Vick
7: Skateboarding Bulldogs
8: Bulldogs in the Snow Collection
9: Dogfighting and BSL
10: Bulldog Beach Walks

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