Bulldogs and Babies

The English Bulldog is a loving and gentle dog that makes a great family pet. Bulldogs seem to have a sixth sense about children, they are gentle, have a very high tolerance level and make great playmates.  The bulldog will instinctively and instantly become one of the family. Many people including myself believe that they don’t consider themselves Dogs but more human like the rest of the family members. A clown, a great listener, a friend, a four legged family member. The Bulldog is a true Family Dog for children of any age, the bulldog makes the perfect pet, being Loving and Loyal to all family members.


A photo and video collection showing the true love between Bullies and Babies ♥

Bulldogs and Babies … a Cuteness Overload

True Friends sharing a Meal

Teddy giving Baby Kisses

A Bulldog and his favorite girl

This little baby girl loves the buldlog bark
and Gus the Bulldog is very happy to play along

Bulldogs and Babies are so much alike…they both:
• are super cute and cuddly
• love their toys
• have wrinkles and round bellies

With a Bulldog in the Family you don’t have to worry the dog will bit your baby in fact it is the other way around 😉

More Kisses…

And more Kisses

For those of you thinking about getting a dog to join your family the Bulldog is the perfect family member, but as a new parents wether it’s human or dog parents, you need to set some bounderies to keep them both save. For example Bulldogs can be very playful and might accidently hurt a small child by jumping. Also the child needs to learn to pet the dog gently so it also doesn’t accidently poke the dogs eyes.

So wether you have a baby and want to add a dog to your family or when you already have a dog and are expecting a baby, make sure to set bounderies and include the whole family for a succesful expantion of your family ☺

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More information on raising and training a Bulldog with Children

And remember.. A Bulldog never grows up.. They are Big Babies for a Lifetime

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