Bulldog Hoss reunited with his Owner

The story begins in September when Jerome Palomo dropped of his Bulldog Hoss with a trusted dog sitter. Next thing he knew, the sitter and the dog were gone.

“It was just like a piece of you was missing,” he remembered. “I didn’t feel whole.”

But Jerome never gave up the hunt for Hoss, and after enlisting the help of local news last week he got a break in the case. Hoss’ new owner realized the pooch wasn’t rightfully his and contacted Palomo. On Thursday Palomo was at last reunited with Hoss’ lovable, slobbering mug. “You know what, he is more than a member of the family. They truly are man’s best friend, especially in my case. He’s my everything right now”.  Jerome said it wouldn’t happen again, he planned to get Hoss outfitted with a tracking microchip as soon as possible.

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