Bulldogs on Treadmills

Bulldogs Workin’ Out on the Treadmill. Never leave your Bulldog alone on the treadmill (even without a leash), don’t speed it up too quickly, make sure your dog doesn’t overheat and make sure your Dog is safe. Don’t forget the Best way to Walk your dog is outside not on a treadmill, dogs need conditoning and socializing and taking them outside does both.

Sheephunting on the Treadmill

Treadmills also make great Bed

The Floor is moving.. must attack Floor Monster

Turn, Scratch, Chew and Bark at it.. this Bulldog does everything on the treadmill besides walking. Still a good Work Out though.

Just Workin’ Out

Bulldog Sprint

Moonwalking on the Treadmill

Archie doin his thing

How do I Speed this thing up?


Outside Treadmill Fun

Have to lose weight for Bikini Season

One More

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