Button’s Birthday!

Yesterday, the 29th of June, was Button’s very 1st Birthday 😀
The Baggy Bulldog mascot has grown a lot
but even tough she is a lot bit bigger, 
she sure still acts like a puppy.

How to describe Button after one year:
She is one rebellious Diva.
Sometimes I wonder if she thinks of herself as a dog …

Unlike any other Bulldogs I have owned,
or should I say unlike any other Bulldog that owned me …
Button isn’t only an icon but she acts like one too
Probably because she is being spoiled by me 😉

On a walk she will refuse to walk on the grass
when it is wet and will avoid even the tinniest puddle
and that is when she wants to walk …

Cause a lot of the times she will decide
that today is not a walking day
and she will lay down flat on the floor
forcing me to carry her home or wait endlessly.

In her mind, celebrities are
not supposed to be walked but carried.
She is also very easily scared,
she loves humans and dogs
but she will put the breaks on
as soon as she hears hard sounds
like mopeds or lawnmowers

Her favorite things are:
• Playing in the garden

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• Toys, especially the squeaky toys

• She has a foot & shoe fetish, in the beginning it started
with biting everyones feet and shoes
and now she is licking everyones feet

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• Like everybully she sure loves her food
and everytime I open the fridge she will be sitting next to me.
Button eating her Birthday cake 😛

• Sleep overs with her niece and nephew
where she gets to wake them up with lots of hugs and kisses

♥ Happy Birthday Button! ♥

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