Button’s Birthday!

Yesterday, the 29th of June, was Button’s very 1st Birthday 😀
The Baggy Bulldog mascot has grown a lot
but even tough she is a lot bit bigger, 
she sure still acts like a puppy.

How to describe Button after one year:
She is one rebellious Diva.
Sometimes I wonder if she thinks of herself as a dog …

Unlike any other Bulldogs I have owned,
or should I say unlike any other Bulldog that owned me …
Button isn’t only an icon but she acts like one too
Probably because she is being spoiled by me 😉

On a walk she will refuse to walk on the grass
when it is wet and will avoid even the tinniest puddle
and that is when she wants to walk …

Cause a lot of the times she will decide
that today is not a walking day
and she will lay down flat on the floor
forcing me to carry her home or wait endlessly.

In her mind, celebrities are
not supposed to be walked but carried.
She is also very easily scared,
she loves humans and dogs
but she will put the breaks on
as soon as she hears hard sounds
like mopeds or lawnmowers

Her favorite things are:
• Playing in the garden

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• Toys, especially the squeaky toys

• She has a foot & shoe fetish, in the beginning it started
with biting everyones feet and shoes
and now she is licking everyones feet

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• Like everybully she sure loves her food
and everytime I open the fridge she will be sitting next to me.
Button eating her Birthday cake 😛

• Sleep overs with her niece and nephew
where she gets to wake them up with lots of hugs and kisses

♥ Happy Birthday Button! ♥

Button the Bulldog

41412415_2422486327978391_4249569955537747968_n logo

Meet the new mascot of Baggy Bulldogs: Miss Baggy Button.
She is now a little over 10 weeks old and you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her in the years to come ☺

After my love Sugar died I was devastated, in the last few years, I had to say goodbye to a lot of Bulldogs, most of them I adopted through the rescue at an older age. So after the loss of Sugar, I decided I wanted a Bulldog puppy, so I didn’t have to say goodbye again in the near future.

When I lost Sugar I again realized that for me a house without a Bulldog is just a house and not a Home. So I’m really happy my house is now a Home again.

Button was born on the 29th of June. She had 2 sisters and 4 brothers who all found a home. The first few days she was sick of diarrea and after two days she stopped drinking and eating and would sleep all day, so I got really worried. But after 3 visits to the vet and some medicine and extra food she is now feeling a lot better.

When I had a first look at all the puppies she immediately caught my attention because of the little dot on the top of her head. Sugar also had a little dot on her head and I would always joke that it was her ON and ON button, since OFF never seemed to work. So in honor of my very 1st Bulldog and the Baggy Bulldog community I named her Baggy and in rememberance of Sugar I named her Button. So Baggy Button is now her name.

Her name is Baggy Button, but she is probably under the assumption that her name is ‘ Nooooo!’ Eating shoes, chewing on plants, biting toes and pulling clothes of the washing line are some of her favorite acts. But with a face like hers… how can you even get angry at something so cute?

Button is a little rebel who wants to eat all day and loves to play and cuddle. She is a real girly girl in the way that she hates to get her coat wet in the rain, she is a real diva and stacks her pillows on top of eachother to make her bed and she absolutely Loves shoes (only in her case it’s loving to chew on them i.s.o. wearing them;-) )

She hates her collar and leash and does not like to walk (yet), she will only walk a little bit when she sees people she wants to say hi to, but other than that she preffers to be carried which is getting heavier every day.

I’m working with her everyday to start her to get walking and enjoying the walks outside and getting her used to everything and learning what is and what is not a toy 😉

Even though she has only been around for a short time, I already can’t imagine a life or home without her, Button is here to stay.

If you want to see more of Button make sure to also follow Baggy Bulldogs on Instagram for more videos and live feeds of Button the Bulldog.


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Dressing Up your Dog

I am writing this Blog cause I want to address an issue that has been bugging me for a while now, which is: People who say dressing up your dog is animal abuse.

First of all let me state that it is my opinion that dogs should be dogs, and that no dog should be dressed up 24/7. A dog is not an accessory and I do feel sorry for dogs who are dressed up every day with boots, sunglasses and complete outfits.

But letting your dog join in with the family and celebrate halloween or putting on a cute tutu for a photoshoot IS NOT animal abuse. Yet somehow people think it is legit to call out loving pet owners based on assumptions and giving them the most horrible label any pet owner can get, an Animal Abuser.


I own a Bulldog Rescue, I have seen Abuse, REAL Abuse and using this term for loving pet owners who have different views than you do is despicable! Why do I say assumptions? I had a Bulldog who was operated on and she had stitches and a shaved belly, it was on the veterinarian’s advice to put on a t-shirt that covered her belly when we would go outside. The response of some people was so extreme it shocked me.

Some dogs have serious allergies or an infection on their paws why they need to wear doggy boots to make sure no dirt will enter the wound or so that the skin would not touch the grass. So in some cases it is not even for fun or play but for medical reasons. There are also a lot of Dogs who can not handle the extreme temperatures well, especially smaller breeds, who get cold in winters.

There are dogs who live in high temperatures where their paws need to be protected against the hot pavement or protecting their paws when their has been salt spread. So before making any assumptions and accusations, you should think twice and educate yourself. Even if there is no medical reason to wear clothes, calling it abuse is just wrong.

Hot pavement

My Dogs never wear clothes when going outside and if they do it, is for a good reason. By the way, the clothes would not last a minute outside, cause usually they love to run and roll around everywhere and get themselves covered in mud and dirt in seconds. I do love to make photo shoots of my Dogs, and yes also with clothes on. I love the funny and almost human face the Bulldog has and so making them even more humanlike in a photo can be quite funny.

When the Dutch soccer team plays we all wear orange together while watching the game, that is dogs included. My last Bulldog, Miss Bean loved to dress up, she knew where I kept her clothes and whenever I opened the box she came running! Cause to her that meant ‘Me Time’, so extra cuddles and treats or some sort of party 😀


Opinions on this subject may differ but that we should never ever make assumptions or accusations and to never call it Animal Abuse. By doing so you are taking away the real meaning of those words. The term animal abuse should not be taken lightly and to me is reserved for dog fighters, puppy mill owners, people who neglect or physically abuse animals.

So from now on let’s not judge people for how their dog is/isn’t dressed and refocus that energy where it’s needed most. The dogs that need homes, a soft place to lay their head and a full belly.

Lily, a bulldog rescued from a garbage can, finds comfort in a turtle costume.