Waking Up a Bulldog

Every Bulldog owner knows this ritual…
Trying to wake up and motivate your Bulldog to get up. This video is about Tonka a sleepy english bulldog that loves to sleep. Sleeping is his favorite past time, he is really good at it and has been doing it professionally for 12 years.

Trying to wake up a very stubborn english bully from his nap time and boy does he make it difficult. This English Bulldog does not fall for any jedi mind tricks or reverse psychology. But his owners still love him and his 20 hour long naps along with his bullie snoring and boy can this dog saw some logs.

Bulldog getting a Lecture

Titon the Bulldog gets a lecture from his owner about ‘not eating the xmas ornaments’ … Somehow he doesn’t seem really impressed by it…

I’m guessing he will be pooping glitter till new years, maybe if they are lucky, he can make glitter farts on new years eve and get extra fireworks.. who knows might be his secret suprise for 2017☺

Sleepy Spa Day

Seven-and-a-half year old Bulldog Yun Ja was having her daily foot scrub in soapy water outside her home in , Chonburi, Thailand. But she fell asleep on her back with the cool water from the tap splashing on her tummy as temperatures outside reached 35c.Hilarious footage shows the adorable pooch, wearing sunglasses and a tutu, enjoying the cold bath while snoring loudly.

Owner Eak Soomhua, who dresses the family dog in clothes every day, said: ”It was hot outside so Yun Ja needed to cool off. ”He was washing her feet and she liked it so much she fell asleep. ”I’m sure she didn’t want to be woken up so we let him sleep like that for a few more minutes.