Puppy Mill exposed

A story that will make
any animal lovers blood boil
A story that is unfortunately not an exception
the video shows a man arrested for allegedly performing
illegal C-sections and operating what authorities called
a puppy mill in Lathrop

The scumbag Pedro Maldonado Victorio was not a licensed veterinarian and the way he was performing the surgeries and the mechanisms by which he was breeding the dogs was heinous, police said during a press conference Friday.

The actual vets we have spoken to say these operations were done so poorly that the incision for the C-sections that were completed on these dogs were never truly healed, said Chief Ryan Biedermann of Lathrop Police Services.

He said the dogs, French and English bulldogs, were not sewn up from the inside and never had an opportunity to heal before they were inseminated again.

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12 year old Bulldog rescued

Tuff a 12-year-old Bulldog
was rescued from Lake Michigan today
The South Milwaukee Fire Department
saved Tuff from drowning

When Tuff tried to grab a stick on the ice,
Tuff fell through the ice and was reportedly
underwater for 10 minutes or more

Luckily for Tuff,
the South Milwaukee Fire Department was around
They were training in the very same area
and responded to the scene and rescued Tuff

True Heroes!

Tuff was taken to a local veterinary clinic
where he is expected to make a full recovery

Source and photos by these Heroes:
South Milwaukee Fire Department

Dream Job: Personal Assistant for Bulldog mascot Victor E.

If you’re still debating on what you should be doing with your life, your search is finally over: because for $42,000 a year you can be the personal assistant of Fresno State’s lovable mascot, Victor E. Bulldog III.

Not only will you be the new handler and caretaker of Fresno State’s mascot but also the official “Live Mascot Program Coordinator,” responsible for public relations and keeping up with Victor’s busy schedule.

This full-time position comes with benefits including health, dental, vision, vacation, sick and holiday pay and even a 401k.

As Victor’s personal assistant and social media coordinator, you will ensure his physical, emotional, social and psychological needs are met, according to the job description.

Think working for the president is hard? Try attending and scheduling all of Victor’s training activities as well as relevant staff meetings while ordering any necessary supplies (he loves dog bone cookies).

Apply here

Victor in his early days:

More about Victor the III on the Fresno State website

Lewis Hamilton’s Bully Roscoe Sings

Lewis Hamilton has melted the hearts of some of his fans after sharing a cute clip of his dog Roscoe attempting to ‘sing’.

The Formula One driver posted the video in the lead-up to this weekend’s French Grand Prix, where the Brit took pole for his Mercedes team on Saturday.

In the clip , the 34-year-old’s beloved bulldog can be seen attempting to sing along to a Specsavers advert playing in the background.

The five-time world champion captioned the short clip: “So I’m not sure what my mum was listening to but my buddy Roscoe loves to sing to whatever.”

The video seemed to melt the hearts of some of those watching it, with one commenting: “What a beautiful voice you have Roscoe.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Guy saves his Frenchy

This guy is walking his French Bulldog named Stella and warns her not go jump into the water since she can’t swim. As stubborn Bulldogs can be she decides she still wants to try. The owner immediately jumps in after her and throws her back on solid ground.

You can hear him cursing in full shock and suprise that Stella still jumped in but at the end you can see he laugh about it and he obviously is a loving and watchful owner.


Ice-T and Coco are mourning the loss of their Bulldog Spartacus. On Sunday evening, Ice-T revealed to his Twitter followers that one of his bulldogs passed away earlier in the day.

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Quote: “Terrible News: This morning I lost my Best Friend,”. “Spartacus died from a complication after surgery…He had cancer in his knee. Coco added, “My heart is hurting tremendously today. Sparty died after knee surgery complications. He was my 1st baby with Ice. There’ll never be another.”

Just a few days ago, the famous dog was celebrating Thanksgiving with Ice-T and fellow bulldog Maximus. And yes, their owners documented the fun on a Facebook page dedicated to their Bulldogs. “Happy Thanks Thanksgiving!” the post stated. “Watching the football game with Dad.” As many fans know, Spartacus lived quite a special life with his loving owners. Whether walking red carpets or attending night clubs, the bulldog never strayed too far away from Ice-T and Coco. And yes, he also received plenty of screen time on the family’s reality show and talk show.

Most recently, Spartacus gained a new friend in Coco and Ice-T’s daughter baby Chanel. In fact, the dog’s Instagram page managed by mom and dad, gave fans a look inside their bond. “Watching out for our little lady…..” one photo caption read as Chanel posed next to her four-legged friend. “No one can mess with our little sis!” Baby Chanel’s account would later post: “I lost my big bro Spartacus today after knee surgery. He was a cuddler & a lover. Had a short time with him but worth every minute of it.”

Our Love and sympathy goes to Ice T and Coco who have been Bulldog advocates for many years and who both clearly Love their Bulldogs like Family.


Spartacus forever in our Hearts ♥

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Firefighters Rescue Potato the Bulldog

Los Angeles Firefighters, Task Forces 29 & 26, Engine 52, Battalion 11 first on scene on the 100 block of South Oxford Avenue reported a two story, garden style apartment building, with fire and smoke showing from one unit on the second floor. Firefighters quickly made entry, knocking down the fire in 10 minutes.

The occupants of the apartment were not home but Firefighters discovered a female bulldog named “Potato” almost unconscious and in distress. Suffering from smoke inhalation, Firefighters quickly administered oxygen and revived the dog in twenty minutes. An elderly woman in a wheelchair was also assisted by Firefighters together with all the occupants of the apartment building. Potato was reunited with her owner when he arrived back home.