Gemma the Bulldog

Meet Gemma!

Gemma is 3 year old Bulldog
who lives with her family in New Jersey, USA.
A couple of you Bulldog Addicts
probably already recognized her,
cause Gemma is a real star.

Several of Gemma’s photos and videos
went viral and she became a real internet star.
One of her most famous videos
shows her dressed up as the Grinch for christmas.

The family got Gemma when she was eight weeks old.
Denise Johnson’s son Justin is a marine
and since the Bulldog is the marine’s mascot,
the family wanted to add a Bulldog to the family.

The whole human family includes: Mom Denise, Husband Chuck, sons Nick and Justin and daughter Crystal.

Gemma the Bulldog als joined a dog family of three:
Kibby a Yorkie/Papillon mix, Niko a Pomeranian mix
and Brutus a Chihuahua mix.

So how did Gemma became a famous dogmodel
with all of her outfits, her amazing ability to pose for the camera’s
and to make people laugh all around the world?

Well Denise would send marine themed pictures and videos
of Gemma to her son Justin,
when he was stationed in Spain.

Justin would share the photos and videos of Gemma
with his platoon and they thought it was hilarious
and it kinda grew from there.

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Denise trained Gemma to sit still,
when she was a puppy by putting a hat on her
Say ‘leave it’ and then giving her a treat.

This slowly graduated into her modelling and acting career.
Gemma will lay on her back or sit still
with the command ‘leave it’  and she will stay like that,
until Denise says ‘good girl’ and she is rewarded with a treat.

Gemma knows that when
she hears ‘good girl’
her job is done
and the reward is coming.

Well, that’s one difference
between human and dog models,
being rewarded with snacks ūüėÄ

The other dogs in the family
were not trained as a model,
but learned from Gemma
and copied her behaviour
as they watched her getting treats.

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Gemma will sit for videos and pictures,
but she is definitely not a lazy dog.
She loves going for walks, playing tug of war,
wrestling and she loves to swim!
The family needs to make sure
that the pool fence is always closed
or she will jump in the pool.

Gemma’s personality can be described as laid back,
devoted and she can act
like a crazy 2 year old at times.

Her favorite toy is anything stuffed that squeaks.
She does not rip up her toys.
Gemma is curious and not afraid of anything,
not even thunder or fireworks.

And as you can see in the photo below
she practices yoga in her free time
to get into that ‘Zen state of mind’

Gemma has a very active and social life
besides her career as a supermodel,
she enjoys tea parties with friends

Gemma’s naughty behavior is
that she will jump on Chuck every night while he’s in bed
and play bite him until he gets up
and gives her another treat.
She’s only supposed to get one large milkbone before bed,
but she always cons him into another.

Well what can you expect?
Supermodels usually turn into diva’s ūüėČ

She sleeps in a king size bed with her humans and loves car rides.
Her favorite food is watermelon.

Gemma is gentle and kind by nature
and loves all animals
eventhough she doesnt think she is a dog herself.

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We hope to see much more of Gemma!

Lewis Hamilton’s Bully Roscoe Sings

Lewis Hamilton¬†has melted the hearts of some of his fans after sharing a cute clip of his dog Roscoe attempting to ‘sing’.

The¬†Formula One¬†driver posted the video in the lead-up to this weekend’s French Grand Prix, where the Brit took pole for his Mercedes team on Saturday.

In the clip , the 34-year-old’s beloved bulldog can be seen attempting to sing along to a Specsavers advert playing in the background.

The five-time world champion captioned the short clip: “So I‚Äôm not sure what my mum was listening to but my buddy Roscoe loves to sing to whatever.”

The video seemed to melt the hearts of some of those watching it, with one commenting: “What a beautiful voice you have Roscoe.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Ceasar the Marine Mascot

Baggy BulldogsMeet Caesar the Bulldog. Ceasar is a two year old and lives with his family in Los Angeles. Ceasar is not only an adorabull pet to the Palomares Family, but also has a job as a Mascot for Marine Veterans. His owner, Dave, got Caesar to help himself deal with PTSD, but he soon became the Mascot for 1/5 Vietnam Veterans. Caesar loves being with the Marines and their families and welcoming them home. He goes to Camp Pendleton on a regular basis and attends a few boot camp graduations at MCRD in San Diego.

Baggy Bulldogs

Caesar is obedience trained and recently got his good citizen certificate. He will soon begin therapy dog training. When Caesar is not in uniform he is a completely different dog! He is very playful and loves to be scratched when he is done playing with his toys. Caesar enjoys rolling in the grass and chasing the vacuum cleaner when his mom cleans house. Last year, his owners decided to get him a companion and got a 4 year old bully that a breeder no longer wanted. Her name is Maggie Mae. She soon became Doc Maggie and on her uniform carries the names of our Navy corpsman who lost their lives in Vietnam in 1967 in honor of their sacrifice.

Baggy Bulldogs

Caesar also attends functions with Southern California Bulldogs. He has a great following on Facebook and Instagram. However, his main focus is with the Marines.¬†Caesar’s owner Dave was in the Marine Corps for 4 years (1966-1970). Caesar’s human mom has written a bio for him on on Facebook which you can also find on Instragram.

Caesar’s DOB is 11/06/2012 and he was adopted on 01/08/13. Caesar’s human parents will tell you Caesar actually picked them. When they went to see the puppies from the breeder, Caesar kept coming up to them, climb on his (soon to be) human mom’s lap and nuzzle her neck. They¬†were hooked.¬†He started to do obedience training when he was 4 months old and continues to have brush up training from time to time.¬†He received the Canine Good Citizen award from the American Kennel Club on Nov. 2014. He loves to play with balls and squeaky balls are his favorite. He likes to chew them on his human mom’s¬†legs and lap. His¬†nickname is Big Boy. He loves his milk bones and his only bad habit is he has a foot fetish …. he likes to lick peoples feet ūüėČ

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy  Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

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Zelda Wisdom

Baggy Bulldogs
Everyone who loves Bulldogs probably heard of Zelda Wisdom.
Zelda is a well known Bulldog Celebrity.

Zelda is such a big celebrity she has appeared in dozens of books, on calendars, on coffee mugs and there were even little figurines made of her. Most famous are the Zelda greeting cards, they have been carried around the world through Hallmark and American Greetings. Zelda has appeared on dozens of TV shows like Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today Show, the Martha Stewart Show, CNBC’s Power Lunch, FOX’s Good Morning Show and so on.

And like every major celebrity Zelda even has her own bronze statue placed at the entrance to the Heathman Hotel in Portland Oregon.

Baggy Bulldogs


Baggy Bulldogs
Zelda was the spokesdog for the Delta Society Pet Partner Therapy Dog Program and has worked with children in hospitals and schools. Zelda is also the star of many childrens books like Princess Zelda and the Frog.

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs
Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs

Make sure to check out¬†Zelda Wisdom’s Website and to like Zelda’s Facebookpage too ‚ô•




Smirnoff the Bulldog

Meet Smirnoff !
Baggy Bulldogs

Smirnoff is an English Bulldog, he is two years old and lives the goodlife in Skegness in the UK with his Family; Bev Street and her Husband and their other four dogs named Jamaica, Lincoln, Cognac & Marley the Jack Russel.
His hobbies are eating, sleeping and playing with the other dogs. Jamaice is his BBFF (Best Bulldog Friend Forever) they have a very special bond together.
Allthough this gentle giant looks very innocent, he¬†is known around the house to steal all kinds of stuff. If it’s not nailed to the ground, Smirnoff will take it and hide it. Luckily he is not such a good hider, ¬†so whenever there is something missing in or around the house they only have to check Smirnoff’s bed.

baggy bulldogs
Like all Bulldogs Smirnoff makes a great model, and like a real model, no matter what outfit you put him in he always looks fabulous.

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs
Baggy Bulldogs
Thank You Bev Street for sharing your Bulldog Family with us, we are proud to have Smirnoff in our V.I.B. section  ♥
Big Hugs for Noffie!

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Meet Sebby and Fortunato

Sebby is a rescue from Buddies thru Bullies he was adopted about 6 months ago by Sebastian Carrillo and he is approximately 51/2 years old and living in Miami, Florida. Fortunato is also a rescue he was dying in the road when we found him and is very fortunate to have survived hence that is why his name is fortunato. He is approximately 9 months old. Look at those cuties enjoying nappy time together. Thank You Sebastian for sharing both Sebby and Fortunato! We now have one more V.I.B (very important bulldog) and the first V.I.C. (very important cat).

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Meet Gurley

bbMeet Gurley, she’s eight weeks old. She lives in Winterville, Georgia with her Family. Where she just moved this Wednesday. She is Loving her new Home and is being Loved like she is their Little Baby . It was a beautiful day outside and she Played until she couldn’t hold her eyes open. Thank You Margaret Summers Odom for sharing Gurley with us, wishing you a Long and Loving Life together!

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Griffin the Bulldog

Meet Griffin the Bulldog on wheels. What a smoosh face!
I am a three year old English Bulldog with Swimmer’s Syndrome. Most puppies with my condition don’t survive unless they are rehabilitated at the first sign of the syndrome. Although no one helped me when I was a puppy, I have a will of steel and nothing was going to stop me from having a Life! I have never had the use of my hind legs, but don’t think that slows me down for one second. I have an amazing custom wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets that helps me to zoom around really fast!

I was saved in the Fall of 2010 by Long Island Bulldog Rescue. I came to live at my Forever Home in Maine on February 27, 2011. I may be different than other dogs, but I really don’t know it! Don’t feel sad for me, because I LOVE LIFE! I have so much fun every day running around with my boxer brother Buster (age 9) & sister Gretchen (12). My Mom is a pet sitter, and I have parties with my dog friends all of the time! I am the happiest little guy.

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Baxter and Sasha

Hi everybody, we are Baxter and Sasha and are happy to tell you a little about ourselves.

My name is Sasha and I am 7 years young. I have more energy than ever before and even learn new things all the time. Like how to walk on a leash without pulling mommy ( I just learned that¬†one!). So don’t think you can’t teach ME any new tricks.¬†

My name is Baxter and Sasha is my doggie mom. I am 5 years old. I am the comedienne in my family. I constantly get laughs from my humans for my silly antics. I’m still confused why they call me a “baby hippo” tho! I’m not that chunky.¬†

We both love our human parents so much. They really spoil us. Our special time is cuddle time on the couch, we just can’t get enough of it. We also like to go on car rides, walks in the park, sun-bathing, begging for treats and tormenting the kitty that lives with us (only a little tho).¬†We have traveled a lot in the last few years. We lived in Washington, Texas , and now Arizona! We love the warm weather but sometimes wish we could play in the snow.

Xoxo, Sasha and Baxter

Thank You Hadriana for sharing your cuties with us ♥

Herbie & Trixie

Everybody Meet Herbie & Trixie!
Herbie is the tan and white bully, he is 2 ¬Ĺ years old, and unfortunately suffers from both hip dysplasia and Ataxia. This does not stop him from getting about and causing mischief. Trixie is coming up to 6 months old and is my sisters Dog, she loves nothing more than to play with Herbie, and will even jump off the sofa onto his back then onto the floor, in an attempt to have him play with her. ¬†They both love other people and animals and they are always wanting to make new friends. They get on really well with the resident cats, and love to share the rug in front of the fire during the winter months.¬†They live in a small town called Waiuku, New Zealand, and have a 5000 sq meters property to play and when they are worn out they will join me on the sofa to keep me company while I read the Baggy Bulldog Blogs.
Thank You Graham Frith for sharing both Cuties with us ♥