Cesar Milan and Bulldogs

Cesar Milan is one of my heroes and a hero and lifesafer for a lot of dogs.
Cesar is able to make people see how to interpret dogs behaviour and take away a a lot of misconceptions about the behaviour and different dogbreeds. I think Cesar made a worldwide difference for dogs and dogowners by letting people see that in most cases the dog is not the problem but the owner or owners of the dog.

I watched all the seasons and off course the episodes with bulldogs repeatedly;-)
Funny thing, almost every episode with a Bulldog in it I saw Cesar in sweat…
Even Cesar now knows how stubborn a Bulldog can be;-)

But in the end Cesar always wins, wich means the dog and the owners win aswell.
Cesar does not only know how to connect with people aswell as dogs he also shows a lot of enthousiasm and love for his work. He shows no fear, wich is easier said than done when facing big agressive dogs.

If you want to read or watch more about Cesar, visit his website:  http://www.cesarsway.com

Cesar has his own English Bulldog now called Mr President…and what cutie he is!!
Meet Mister President:

Her some Cesar Milan videos with Bulldogs;

And yes..the Bulldogs love 2 watch the Dogwhisperer aswell…preferably out of bed:D

Southpark also made a special about the dogwhisperer..one of the funniest episodes ever!:D
Funny note; Cesar has a great sence of humor and even shows this clip on his website and on his tours.

Southpark Dogwhisperer part I

Southpark Dogwhisperer Part II (watch the full episode)

Southpark Dogwhisperer Part III (small clip)

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