Cherry Eye

A cherry eye is also called a third eyelid.


A cherry eye is not life threatening
but can cause irritation
and other medical problems
such as inflamed nose wrinkles
due to excessive teary eyes.

This way it becomes infected
and causes injury to the eye.
The cause of cherry eyes
is not yet determined with certainty.
Some think due to the hereditary predisposition
and the degree of folding in the face is a possible cause


If a dog has a cherry eye,
you can see a pink lump
in the corner of the dog’s eye.
The size of the lump differs
between 0,5 and 1,5 centimetres.


Cherry eye can be treated in two different ways.

First people will first try using ointment
massaging the third eyelid into place.
However a lot of times this does not work
or will only work temporarily.
If so, it is necessary for medical intervention.

Secondly, there are two ways
of corrective surgery for cherry eyes.
The veterinarian can remove
the entire third eyelid
performing a small medical procedure
with a local anesthetic.

The disadvantage of this method
is that the eyes will dry out
causing damage to the cornea.
With this option
you will have to give your dog eyedrops
several times a day for the rest of its life.

The other surgical procedure
preserves the third eyelid.
Here the lid is attached
to the inside of the eye
with several stitches.

This ensures the probability
a shortage of tears does not occur.
The disadvantage of this method
is that the dog needs to go undergo
general anesthesia which is always a risk.
There is also a chance that the stitches tear
making the third eyelid reappear.
Repeating the operation is than the only option.

Leaving a cherry eye untreatened
will cause your dog unnecessary discomfort and pain
and when not treated for a long period of time
can cause blindness due to constant irritation of the eye.

Before starting any medical treatment always consult your veterinarian.

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