Daily Bulldog Care

The Bulldog’s Coat

The coat of an English Bulldog
requires minimal care. 
Regular brushing is sufficient. 
Their coat can be very dense
so a weekly brushing will make their coats
look much better and will also help
reduce the amount of times
you will need to take out the vacuum

Wrinkle care

The wrinkles of the bulldogs face
need to be monitored regularly. 
The places where the skin overlaps
can get irritated or even infected. 

There are special lotions and creams available
to treat these kinds of skin infections.
There are various methods and remedies
for cleaning the skin folds.

I use doggy wipes for cleaning the wrinkles.
And for a more thorough cleaning
I use nose soother creme.
My experience is that most bulldogs
need a weekly brushing and cleaning.

More information and tips
on Wrinkle Care in this blog

Bathing your Bulldog

When giving a bulldog their bath
it is important that to wash with dog shampoo. 
Shampoo for humans often contains substances
that are harmful for the skin of the dog.

Don’t wash your dog too often.
I usually wash my dogs once every 4-6 weeks.
When you dog likes to get dirty on their walks
a quick shower without soap will usually get the job done.
Using shampoo’s, even the mild dog shampoo’s,
too often can result in skinproblems.

For more information and tips on
bathing your Bulldog
check this Blog


The nails of the dog
should be regularly monitored.
Check to see if the nails are not too long
and take extra care of the big toe nail.

The nails can be cut with
a special cutter for dog nails.

Make sure when you do cut their nails
you do not cut them too short.
If you can’t do it yourself your vet can help with this.

Ear Cleanings

Ensure the ears of the dogs are regularly cleaned. 
I do this with doggy wipes
and for a thorough cleaning I use foam lotion. 

There are several types of medicines and lotions 
available to clean dog ears at pet stores or at your veterinarian.


In general it will take me
about 10 minutes a day per Bulldog
for a daily cleaning

This includes a wrinkle and ear cleaning,
a check on their eyes, tails and toes
and if needed some nose ointment.

I will give my dogs a short brushing
at least twice a week
Bulldogs are short coated dogs
but can still shedd a lot of hair
and brushing them keeps the house clean

So a Bulldog, just like any other dog,
does need some daily care
but it will not take you a long time

Oh and one important last tip:
Make it fun for your Bulldog!

It will be much easier for you and your dog
when your dog enjoys your care

Sometimes ear or winklecleaning
will not be enjoyable for your dog
Make sure your dog knows
it is gonna be rewarded afterwards
with lots of cuddles, kisses, treats and play

Let’s finish this blog
with some helpful videos
on Bulldog beauty care

Have any tips on this subject?
Let us know in the comments

or in the Bulldog Forum

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