Dangerous Dog Food and Food Tips

As a responsible dogowner you should know what foods to avoid so you can prevent poisoning and keep your dog healthy.
If you suspect your dog has ingested a toxic food, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Here is a list of Foods use should avoid feeding your dog:

  • Chocolate & anything with caffeine especially dark chocolate contains theobromine which is similar to caffeine. This is a very dangerous substance to dogs. If you know that your dog has eaten chocolate take it to the vet immediately. If your dog eats a very small amount of chocolate, usually it only causes digestive issues.
  • Onions & Garlic contain sulfoxides and disulfides which damage red blood cells and cause anemia. Onions being the most toxic of the two, however garlic should be avoided as well.
  • Grapes and Raisins have a toxin that effects dogs kidney function and causes kidney damage and can lead to kidney failure.
  • Macadamia & Other nuts contain toxins that effect the digestive system, nervous system, and muscles.
  • Mushrooms effect many areas of a dogs body. They can cause shock and even possibly death.
  • Large Quantities of Liver results in Vitamin A toxisity and effects muscles and bones of the animal.
  • Human Vitamins Containing Iron damage dogs digestive system wall lining, kidneys, and liver. Be sure to use a vitamin supplement designed for dogs.
  • Milk & Other Dairy Products have lactose and many dogs don’t have enough lactose enzymes to effectively break it down. This effects the dogs digestive system and leads to diarrhea.
  • Raw Eggs contain an enzyme known as avidin which restricts the absorption of biotin one of the many B Vitamins. This can lead to an unhealthy coat and skin problems. Also eggs can carry salmonella which is poisonous to dogs.

  • People Food should be avoided at all times. Many people foods have far to many fats, sugars, and salt. Salt causes electrolite imballances in dogs. Sugars are not a natural food and causes obesity, and large amounts of fat and protein can’t be digested correctly and causes digestion problems as well as liver disfunction.

Now you know what not to feed your dog, here are some tips what you can give your dog for food or as a treat.


Some people believe that dog food is dog food, and buy the cheapest brand available, because, well, their dog is doing just fine.
There are others that believe the most expensive brand is better because it costs more. In my opinion, neither of these people are correct.

To find a good dogfood ask your vet for advice. Also talk to other dogowners, check the internet, make sure you are well informed. Giving your dog the right dogfood, keeps their coat shiney, can avoid medical problems and allergies, can make a difference in the amount of poo your dog produces and most important keeps your dog in good health, condition and shape.

Also make sure your dogfood is produced on a humane and animal friendly way.
There are a lot of dogfoods that are produced in a horrible way.
As a dogowner you should be well informed before choosing a food for your dog.
You don’t want to find out you have been unknowingly supporting animal cruelty by feeding your dog.

Your dogs diet should be adjusted to his health, age, condition, weight and any  allergies or intolerances. If your dog is still a puppy or a pregnant dog you should adjust their diet aswell.

A small tip: if your dog eats to quickly (which can cause puking or gasses) try to put in a tennisball in the foodbowl, this way your dog has to push it aside everytime it takes a bite so it will eat slower and digest better. Always wait a while after their diner to go on a walk or let them play.

Here is someone who cooks diner for their dogs…look like a 5star restaurant for dogs!

Note: a lot of Bulldogs are overweight, yes a bulldog is a chubby and wrinkled by nature but a lot of dogowners think it looks cute when adding an extra few pounds.
In their eyes; the bigger and rounder the Bulldog the better. This makes it hard for your dog to keep in condition, is bad for their joints and their heart and shortens their life expectancy. I think a lot of good intentioned but lazy dogowners choose a Bulldog with the thought; well I chose a Bulldog so I can enjoy the company of a dog without the effort of walking it every day. This isn’t fair to your dog, a Bulldog not enjoys walks just as much as other dogs it needs it just aswell to keep them healthy. Even if your dog has a big yard to play in you still need to daily excersize and walk your dog. Make sure your dog gets the right amount of excercize aswell as a good diet, this will not only make it a Happy Dog it will also keep it a Healthy Dog.

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  5. Great post! if you love your dog, it does not necessary essential to purchase expensive ones. Try to select the one that is full of nutrients that your pal will need to stay healthy and happy. Thanks!

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