How to protect your Dog’s paws in the Winter

Walking your dog in the snow
is so much fun!

Somehow the whole world looks different
covered in white snow
and there is no better way
to enjoy it than with your dog.

But ice and snow can also cause
irritation to your dog’s paws.
Snow and ice can get stuck in between the pads
causing cuts, sores and even infections

Even a small amount of build-up
under your dog’s feet
can pull the sensitive hairs underneath
and cause anything from
a mild irritation to a serious infection.

In addition, rock salt, anti-freeze
and other sidewalk treatments
can be a health risk to your dog
and leave your dog with painful, sore feet.

During the winter,
you will need to take extra steps
to make sure your dogs paws are cared for
and you can both enjoy winter time



Before going out into the snow,
there are a few precautions you can take.
Here are some routines, I use before going out in the winter

I live in the Netherlands, in the city of the Hague.
It doesn’t snow very often but when it does,
there is always a lot of salt and chemicals used
to keep the roads and sidewalks snowfree.

So this is what I do to protect my Bulldog’s paws:

I use a paw protection cream.
It is a thick wax that protects the paws
from moist and other materials when in snow.
I apply it on top of their paws,
between their toes and soles
before going on a walk

I also lay down a towel
and some doggy cleaning wipes
next to the front door for when I come back home

After the Walk

I found the best way to
dry and clean your dogs paws
it to first free your dog’s feet from caked snow.
The best way to do this,
is to first dry your dogs feet with a towel.
Make sure to really get to the areas
between the toes on top
and underneath their paws dry.

After you have dried your dogs paws with a towel,
clean your dog’s paws again
with a doggywipe to remove any
left over salt or or dirt.

Again, give special attention
to the areas between the toes.
If salt or ice is stuck in the fur or between the pads
don’t try to pull it or start rubbing it,
this will be hurtful for the dog.
Try to soak the paws in some water
and try again with some doggywipes.

To prevent these painful paws
you can also consider dogboots.
Especially when you live in a climate
with regular snowfall,
this is highly recommended.

I think all natural snow
can be easily dried and cleaned with a towel
but when you live in the city, like I do
you really need to protect their paws
from all the salts and chemicals.


Some more tips
on how to take care
of your Dog’s paws during the winter

If you are not using a paw protection wax
make sure to wash your dog’s paws
after every walk, with slightly warm water

You want to wash off harmful irritants
and prevent your dog from ingesting
any of the chemical de-icers by licking their feet

This also eliminates any ice or snow
that has built up
between your dog’s toes
that could make walking painful

Inspect your dog’s paws
after every walk,
particularly when you’ve walked
in areas treated with salts or other sidewalk treatments

Be sure to check between the toes
and look at the paws for any cracks or sore spots

Apply some dog creme or oil
to your dog’s paws to help sooth irritated paws

Be careful not to apply too much
or too often as pads that are too soft
can also lead to irritation

Treat any cuts, sores or infections
that develop according to your vet’s instructions

If you are using dog boots
make sure to get water proof boots with grip
and to take them off immediately after the walk


Now you are all prepared
and ready to enjoy
the winter snow together

Let’s end this blog
with some beautiful Bulldogs
enjoying winter time

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