This is Dozer a.k.a. BullDozer (R.I.P.). She was my second Bulldog. I got her as a rescue at the age of five. She was used for breeding, had 3 litters in 5 years, was kept outside with no shelter and a green waterbowl. When I got her she was not housebroken, not used to walking on a leash, no condition, not used to interacting with other animals and she was scared of people. But within a month or two she turned all that around, she became a real dog,  learned all the basic commands, was housebroken in two days, improved her condition and learned to play again with dogs and people.

She was one of the most special and loving dogs I had, still miss her every day. She was totally obsessed with food, she once made a whole roti dish incl. wrapping paper dissapear in less than 30 seconds (the time I needed to get my glass out of the kitchen). She loved beachwalks, sunbathing with the cat and probably her most special characteristic was her ability to socialize with all animals including an iguana, rabbits, cats and guinea pigs. She loved every little thing around her. James Hond, who is now eight years old grew up with Dozer who passed away when she was nine and a half. She was a real Mom for James and was always so so patient with him, him being the most extreme ADHD Bulldog puppy ever;)

Here some pictures & video of my girl, Dozer r.i.p. ♥

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