Gabe the Bulldog

Gabe the Bulldog is famous for his tricks. Here is some info and videos about Gabe!
Gabe is a good example for those who think a Bulldog is 2 stubborn to train;-)

Some info about him; Gabe does various crazy tricks and obedience routines.
Gabe had his debut in Rally Novice B when barely 6 months old and earned a 2nd place, as well as his first leg that day! He finished his RN title at 7.5 months with placings each time. He has since completed his CD title as well (in 3 shows–just out of the placings in the competitive “B” class) and is currently well on his way to mastering the open exercises. Gabe also is doing some of the utility exercises and loves to learn!
(he’ll do ANYTHING for a morsel of food! 🙂 )

Gabe showing of some of his tricks

Gabe doin agility

Gabe on David Letterman

Riding his Horse in Style

Want to know more about Gabe?

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