Gemma the Bulldog

Meet Gemma!

Gemma is 3 year old Bulldog
who lives with her family in New Jersey, USA.
A couple of you Bulldog Addicts
probably already recognized her,
cause Gemma is a real star.

Several of Gemma’s photos and videos
went viral and she became a real internet star.
One of her most famous videos
shows her dressed up as the Grinch for christmas.

The family got Gemma when she was eight weeks old.
Denise Johnson’s son Justin is a marine
and since the Bulldog is the marine’s mascot,
the family wanted to add a Bulldog to the family.

The whole human family includes: Mom Denise, Husband Chuck, sons Nick and Justin and daughter Crystal.

Gemma the Bulldog als joined a dog family of three:
Kibby a Yorkie/Papillon mix, Niko a Pomeranian mix
and Brutus a Chihuahua mix.

So how did Gemma became a famous dogmodel
with all of her outfits, her amazing ability to pose for the camera’s
and to make people laugh all around the world?

Well Denise would send marine themed pictures and videos
of Gemma to her son Justin,
when he was stationed in Spain.

Justin would share the photos and videos of Gemma
with his platoon and they thought it was hilarious
and it kinda grew from there.

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Denise trained Gemma to sit still,
when she was a puppy by putting a hat on her
Say ‘leave it’ and then giving her a treat.

This slowly graduated into her modelling and acting career.
Gemma will lay on her back or sit still
with the command ‘leave it’  and she will stay like that,
until Denise says ‘good girl’ and she is rewarded with a treat.

Gemma knows that when
she hears ‘good girl’
her job is done
and the reward is coming.

Well, that’s one difference
between human and dog models,
being rewarded with snacks 😀

The other dogs in the family
were not trained as a model,
but learned from Gemma
and copied her behaviour
as they watched her getting treats.

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Gemma will sit for videos and pictures,
but she is definitely not a lazy dog.
She loves going for walks, playing tug of war,
wrestling and she loves to swim!
The family needs to make sure
that the pool fence is always closed
or she will jump in the pool.

Gemma’s personality can be described as laid back,
devoted and she can act
like a crazy 2 year old at times.

Her favorite toy is anything stuffed that squeaks.
She does not rip up her toys.
Gemma is curious and not afraid of anything,
not even thunder or fireworks.

And as you can see in the photo below
she practices yoga in her free time
to get into that ‘Zen state of mind’

Gemma has a very active and social life
besides her career as a supermodel,
she enjoys tea parties with friends

Gemma’s naughty behavior is
that she will jump on Chuck every night while he’s in bed
and play bite him until he gets up
and gives her another treat.
She’s only supposed to get one large milkbone before bed,
but she always cons him into another.

Well what can you expect?
Supermodels usually turn into diva’s 😉

She sleeps in a king size bed with her humans and loves car rides.
Her favorite food is watermelon.

Gemma is gentle and kind by nature
and loves all animals
eventhough she doesnt think she is a dog herself.

Make sure to follow Gemma the Bulldog on Facebook and Instagram
and follow her updates in the
Baggy Bulldog Facebook group.

We hope to see much more of Gemma!

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