Griffin the Bulldog

Meet Griffin the Bulldog on wheels. What a smoosh face!
I am a three year old English Bulldog with Swimmer’s Syndrome. Most puppies with my condition don’t survive unless they are rehabilitated at the first sign of the syndrome. Although no one helped me when I was a puppy, I have a will of steel and nothing was going to stop me from having a Life! I have never had the use of my hind legs, but don’t think that slows me down for one second. I have an amazing custom wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets that helps me to zoom around really fast!

I was saved in the Fall of 2010 by Long Island Bulldog Rescue. I came to live at my Forever Home in Maine on February 27, 2011. I may be different than other dogs, but I really don’t know it! Don’t feel sad for me, because I LOVE LIFE! I have so much fun every day running around with my boxer brother Buster (age 9) & sister Gretchen (12). My Mom is a pet sitter, and I have parties with my dog friends all of the time! I am the happiest little guy.

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9 thoughts on “Griffin the Bulldog

  1. Paula

    Love love love Griffin. He has the heart of a warrior all wrapped up in an adorable and tuff package! We can learn a lot about life from this sweet and tuff guy! <3

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