Hopelessly Devoted To You

I’ll scratch your itch and wipe your eyes.
I’ll clean your ears and towel you dry.
I’ll feed you twice and at your wish,
I’ll rinse and fill your water dish.
I’ll walk with you and play frisbee
I’ll sit with you and watch TV.
A doctors visit once a year
A swimming hole I know of near.
Toys I’ll buy and treats galore.
Kisses, hugs, and yes there’s more.
I’ll bathe and brush until you shine.
I’ll boast and brag that you’re all mine.
I’ll laugh and smile at all you do.
I’m hopelessly devoted to you.

Author: Jackie Provost

One thought on “Hopelessly Devoted To You

  1. Karen Burger

    Oooh! That’s the cutest face I ever seen. I just love em’. Who can’t. Animals are wonderfull.

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