Poem I was dropped from Heaven above

I am a bulldog, and I have a long tongue.
I’m full of wrinkles, but yet so young.
I’ve got a smushed face and my teeth stick out–
What is there not to love about my snout?
I have short, stubby legs and big, round feet.
One of my favorite things to do is eat!
And when I’m not eating, I fall onto my bed,
And that is where I lay my oversized head.
People call me lazy, but I need my beauty rest,
For many say I am ugly at best.
I make funny noises and I stink real bad,
But my disposition is sweet, I never get mad.
So once you get to know me, you’re sure to fall in love,
For I was most certainly dropped from Heaven above.
(on my face)

Author: Tanis Sutton Hackmeyer

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