I went out to Rescue a Dog that day

I went out to rescue a dog that day
To give him a really good life
To take him away from the life that he led
And free him from trouble and strife

I thought I would do him a favour
And be a good person to him
And go do my bit for the country
I didn’t go out on a whim

But what do you think really did happen?
The day that I did my good deed,
I discovered a love that I’d dreamed of
And fulfilled in myself a strong need.

I now have a dog that I care for,
I see things that I needed to see.
That lovely dog that I rescued
Really ended up rescuing me.


Author: Fionna D

4 thoughts on “I went out to Rescue a Dog that day

  1. Beverly

    This is so totally awesome. I am a bulldog lover for life. I’ve had 3 of my own and I am now fostering for a bulldog rescue. And yes, I am a foster failure, because I fell so deeply in love with my first foster, I had to keep her.

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