I Wonder..How Many Bulldogs?

I wonder…How Many Bulldogs will get Presents this year? Since this is the Holiday Season and everybody gives eachother presents, how many of you got Xmas Presents for your dog?  I always give my Bulldogs a couple of presents. I can not put them under the tree cause both James and Bean are very impatient doggies they will unwrap all the presents way before Xmas. So the presents are on my bookcase safe from doggyharm. When James was little, putting up and decorating a Xmas tree was a real challenge. James has a serious case of O.B.D. (obsessive ball disorder;) so every ball (incl the ones in a Xmas tree) were like a magnet to James.  One time I put  a moss ball in my aquarium and James seriously almost jumped in. James knows now to leave both the tree and the aquarium alone. And no worries he is getting a Ball for Xmas. I will make some  pictures soon of them both in the Xmas setting;) Don’t forget 2 send in your Xmas Bulldog Pictures or Videos for the compilation, Sunday is the last day! You can post it on Facebook or share it on Twitter use #XmasBulldogs
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