A collection of blogs about the character of the English Bulldog
The Character of the English Bulldog
What makes the Bulldog so Special?
The Bulldog as a Guard Dog?
It’s a thing: ComfortaBull

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4 thoughts on “Character

  1. dante

    I have a bulldog hes my kid. But i think the bulldog though a great dog. They are not a status symbol and some people get them never realizeing the care they need from cleaning their folds their butts. Their feet ears and that’s Just the start. Again I love my bulldog but knew what I was getting into

  2. Joan Fusilier

    You have it down just exactly right. I’m on my third bulldog and believe there is none like them. They are the very best and only people who have one can relate. People who love them always want to talk about them. I can’t explain how much a part of my life and the impact they have made.

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