James Hond 007

James is obviously named after the English action hero James Bond in combination with the fact that “Hond” means Dog in Dutch. This provides him with the suitable name of James Hond 007.

Date of Birth       2 May 2004
Color                   Red and white
Nick names        ADHD bulldog, Jamus, Fart cushion
Weight                35 kilograms
Toys                    Branches, blankets, skateboard, bones but above all balls are his favorite
Loves                  Cake, balls, swimming, branches, sleeping on the grate of the floorheater
Dislikes               Rain. Although he loves water he hates it when it drops from above
Health                  A bulldog with an exceptional endurance

James is a super sweet, playful and loyal dog. An energetic, always cheerful and happy bulldog. A bulldog that looks tough but in reality he is more of a sissy. For example James is scared of garbage bags and the vacuum cleaner.

James has an excellent condition even now that he is eight years old he still is one of the fastest dogs at the dogparks! He can walk for hours, likes to swim at the beach and digg holes in the sand. Where most bulldogs are fooddriven James is 100% motivated by play and games.

Furthermore, James is very attached to routine and structure. When we divert from our usual route James wont like it and will stop and look back. He also gets  confused when moving furniture around in the house.

Btw..James is a real flatulist 😀

It was a great pleasure to see him grow from puppy to adult dog. James is my very 1st Bulldog I got as a puppy and my very 1st male dog, before James I only took in Bulldogs in need of a home, wich were mostly female dogs used for breeding.

Some pictures of Lil’James Hond 007..Isn’t he the cutest???

This is James only 1 day old

Up to six months, James’s bark sounded like a little Chihuahua’s bark but now that James is older he has a very low and heavy bark. When he is sad (mostly when a toy is out of his reach) he can make cute wheezing and moaning sounds.

James is eight years of age but still acts like a little puppy,
always playfull and always happy.

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