Jumping Dogs

Unless given a command to jump, your dog should never be allowed to jump on humans. A dog that jumps on humans on its own free will is a dog that does not respect the person it is jumping on. Even those cute little puppies or dogs should not be allowed to jump on people. While you may think it is cute, it is not cute to everyone else. Not only is it annoying to most people to have someone else’s dog jump on them, it can also be dangerous especially for little kids or elderly people. A jumping dog can knock people over, muddy their clothes, put runners in nylons and scratch the skin.

There are mainly three reasons for the jumping behaviour in dogs.

  • Excitement
  • Trained Behaviour (Your dog could be seeking your attention and has been rewarded with it by jumping up in the past)
  • Dominance

Before you start adressing the behaviour you have to know which of the reasons named above is the cause of your dog jumping. A different reason might also mean a different way to adress it. For instance a hyperactive dog is mostly helped by snapping him out of it or by redirecting the behaviour by giving it a command. So instead of letting them jump around give the dog a command like  sit and make your dog patiently wait before giving any attention. When the reason is dominance claiming your space is very important. Remember dominance does not mean agression. So your dog might be very loving and non agressive but still dominant. When a dog jumps on a human of its own free will, it is not greeting the human, it is asserting its dominance over the human, it is the dogs way of saying that it is alpha/leader/boss. Space is respect and lower members of the pack respect the higher members. Note: when a young puppy jumps on humans it is sometimes its attempt to reach one’s face. Puppies need to be taught not to jump up on humans as this behavior will manifest into a bigger problem when the puppy grows up into an adult dog.

Dogs like and need consistency, so if you are not allowing your dog to jump on you, everyone in the family and everyone who greets the dog must do the same. You, as an owner, must make sure this happens. It will only confuse a dog if you allow them to jump on some people who say they do not mind, and tell him not to jump on others.

Stopping the Jumps

It is very important to you, your dog and the people around you that your dog is well balanced. When a dog jumps up against you, do not step back or lean away, this will make the dog continue to jump. When you get out of the way the dog is claiming your space. When a dog jumps, step into the dog. Picture a sphere around you and are not going to allow anyone or anything to come into your space. You are not trying to knock the dog down you are just claiming your space. Casually and calmly, keep filling your space, not allowing room for the dog to come in. Remember, your goal is not to knock the dog down, it’s just to retain your space.

Here are some more helpfull videostips to help you solve this problem.

Now here are some approved and funny ways of Bulldogs Jumping:D

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