Gabe the Bulldog
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Spartacus and Maximus

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  1. We have a seven years he’s 7 yrs.old English male bulldog. He, has been neutered and wonder if being neutered gives him reason to eat more! He’s solid muscle but weigh 75 lbs.Now..Please, let me know what his wt is.suppose to be got him to be healthe! our fight as what was told is definetly seem not working
    , “( wanna stroke at that weight) I’m sure you will feel the same way! (I’m just kidding on ou having stroke but it is upsetting he seems to be adding more continued weight
    , I’m feeding him the dry benefit chicken an do that once at a day. So please if you can help me yet tell me what you think about his excess wt. and how to get it off as well is he to fat? Thank you….debbie edney

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