8 thoughts on “Meet Boycie

  1. Lucy

    How funny….I’ve got Boycie…a bulldog…in Brighton too….he’s 2 & 1/2 yrs old tho but still a shitbag 😉
    Hope yours gives as much love and fun as mine 😉
    Lucy x

    • Anonymous

      No way!! That’s brilliant…I’ve wanted a bulldog called Boycie for years now..best thing I ever done buying him..hes amazing..so much character already..I chose Boycie because I believe all Bulldogs should have a name beginning with B haha…and being as massive fan of Only Fools it could only be one name..
      Boycie sends a high five haha

  2. Lee Edmonds

    Now way?? Brilliant..he’s lovely got lots of character already…I named him Boycie because I believe all male Bulldogs names should begin with B haha..that and im a big fan of Only Fools..so can be only one name really haha

    Boycie sends a high five

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