This command is used to prepare your dog 
to go on a walk, you can use Out of Walkies
Just make sure to use is consistent

Why is this command useful?
You are letting the dog know you are going out together
and asking him or her to prepare
This means the dog will wait for you to get the leash
and sit down so you can easily put on their collars

Usually people will just grab the dog’s leash
and the dog will jump and get overexcited
making it hard to put them on the leash
also you want your dog to be happy but calm
when leaving the house

Before putting on a coat or grabbing the leash
Give the command out or walkies
At first the dog will not know the meaning 
and won’t respond but it will soon
figure out this is the sign to go outside

Make sure your dog is calm and sits down
before putting on their collar/leash
Repeat and your dog will soon learn
to sit down and wait for you
to come and take him or her outside

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