Poor Baby

A sad update 28-08-12 : Bric did not make it 🙁
Georgia Bulldog Rescue wrote: With a heavy heart and more emotion than I can describe. Bric was called to cross the Rainbow Bridge during the night. He was not alone, both Stephanie and Lauriel were able to be there with him.
His condition began to deteriorate and progressed rapidly. We’re so sorry we couldn’t do more for you. Precious soul never knew a day without pain. I pray that the time we had you was a bit less painfull and I you felt all of our love for you.

This poor puppy, only 10 weeks old, was found abadoned in a parking lot, covered in demodex (skindisease) and parasites. Please Help the Georgia Bulldog Rescue Group, who is caring for her now by donating, so they can help Bric and other Bulldogs https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8M39a?psid=ba544355a8014270bc2e98f5c3430520

Updates from the Georgia Bulldog Club about Bric:

Update: PM 8/27/2012: Bric continues to hold his own, no worse no better. At this point, with all the fluid in his lungs he is oxygen dependent. The cardiologist said his heart looks OK. Dermatologist confirmed Demodex. Our biggest obstacle is going to be whether they can clear the fluid from his lungs. The hypoplastic trachea sounds as if it is causing issues as well. The optalmologist will see him tomorrow, nothing we can do about his eye right now anyway. The odds are stacked against him BUT…when has a bulldog not had the odds stacked against them? I can’t tell you that he is completely painfree but certainly much better than yesterday. We are going to have to take this one step at a time.

Update 8/27/12: Bric he made it through the night. Condition still grave but no worse. Cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology consults today. More information this afternoon.

8/26/12: This is Bric. This morning a young woman (Brandy) walked out of church and found this pup abandoned in the church parking lot. Mistakenly thinking he was a Pug, she posted on craigslist asking for anyone to help care for this poor creature. One hour later, a volunteer (Andrea Bishop) felt the urge to check facebook (she has no idea why, something compelled her) and opened a post asking for urgent care for a Pug puppy…only it wasn’t a pug puppy. Andrea immediately called me ( I answered, aasp) and asked me to look on craigslist, at this particular post. Within minutes, Stephanie was on the road in Wally’s Wagon.

Bric is in grave condition at Georgia Veterinary Specialists. He is covered in mange, anemic, loaded with intestinal parasites, has fluid in his lungs, a hypoplastic trachea and a very large left eye ulcer….and he’s only 10 weeks old. He is currently in an incubator with oxygen, on IV fluids and IV antibiotics. X-rays showed fluid in his lungs and also severe narrowing of the trachea. The emergency vets at GVS will be working on him diligently during the night.

He has a precious baby face and even in his terrible condition still tries to lift his head and open his eyes. He even stood when they first put him in the oxygen incubator.

Please keep Bric (named after Brandy’s father) in your thoughts and prayers. He is on the edge and deserves much better than the cards he has been dealt. Regardless of the cost, GEBR will do everything in our power to pull this little fellow through and give him the best that life has to offer.

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