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American Radio Host and TV personality Howard Stern is mourning the recent loss of his and wife Beth Ostrosky Stern’s English bulldog Bianca
He nearly broke down in tears several times on his radio show while talking about his beloved Bulldog.

Quote: “I’ve learned I’m human because I’m so touched by my dog,” said Stern, who has Bianca’s name tattooed on his arm. 

“My dog taught me how to love,.. Love deeper”.

Bianca passed away at age 10 and a half in the couple’s New York home on Tuesday.
Stern’s wife was with the dog at the time and contacted the Howard, who was at work at the satellite radio station.
“She goes, ‘She’s gone, she’s gone, our baby’s gone,'” she said.

A video of Beth and Bianca on a TV Show:

Stern and his wife, a model and animal activist known for her work with the North Shore Animal League, married in 2008.
They have no children together. They have two cats – Leon and Walter.
Bianca was Stern’s first dog. The couple got her when she was a puppy and when they first began dating.

Quote: “I had made a vow, I don’t know, a couple of months ago, because Bianca’s health was declining,” the radio host said.
“I said, you know, for as long as I’ve got my good girl with me, I’m going to, every morning, I’m going to spend 15 minutes, half hour, whatever it is,
just rubbing her belly and doing what she likes to do. This is tough for me. I’m really bummed.”

My thoughts go out to both Howard and Beth, may Bianca rest in Peace.

R.I.P. Bianca

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