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Im spending hours and hours to gather cute Bulldog content, write Bulldogblogs and contact people asking to use their content and naming their website and info. Just type in source at the searchbar and ull see I always name my sources. It makes me sad to see that  all the work in pictures, videos and blogs are copied and posted on several facebookpages and sites as if it is their own content,  I post and 10 minutes later its on theirs.Videos are being reedited with a kennelsname, complete photocollections are copy/pasted on websites or facebookpages. Anyone liked Bulldog & Co. love Forever on Facebook I suggest to unlike these Fakers!

Please Don’t Copy just Share!
The Sharebuttons are there for a Reason!

As im typing this my bulldogs snuggle together on their blankets,..
Why can’t people be more like dogs, honest and sharing☮


One thought on “Share the Bulldog♥

  1. Sammie Jo Gordon

    Hello, my name is Sammie Jo Gordon. i am a freshman at Washington High School in Washington, IL. I had the greatest Bulldog ever. Her name was Miss Mia. I got her as a puppy about 8 years ago and she was the best. Mom, Dad and Dr. Larson tried everything but Mia died of cancer. My parents said I could get another Bulldog puppy but I needed to find one that was less expensive. I am asking anyone who has Bulldog puppies to get a hold of me. I loved my Mia sooooo much and would love to hug and kiss another baby bully again.
    You can contact me e-mail me at
    I can send pictures of Mia so you can see how great she was.

    Thank You,
    Sammie Jo

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