This is one of the easiest commands to teach
Dogs who know how to sit are less likely
to be jumping on you or anyone else
and it’s also an easy way for them to calm down

This command is one of the easiest to teach,
and is usually the first command
introduced to a dog or puppy

Learning this command also helps the dog
learn how to respond to training
This command is useful,
especially when you have a large dog
If you don’t want him to jump all over you,
or someone else, have him sit down

It also helps to keep a sense of order
when someone rings your doorbell
And it aids in the attempt to keep your dog
from jumping excitedly while waiting for his breakfast


To teach Sit, you only need to
stand facing the dog with a treat in hand,
placed no more than an inch above the dog’s nose

Guide the dog’s head to move up
by moving the treat farther up the dog’s head
The dog should raise his head
and lower his rump into a sit
The instant you get a sit, praise him and give the treat

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