Smirnoff the Bulldog

Meet Smirnoff !
Baggy Bulldogs

Smirnoff is an English Bulldog, he is two years old and lives the goodlife in Skegness in the UK with his Family; Bev Street and her Husband and their other four dogs named Jamaica, Lincoln, Cognac & Marley the Jack Russel.
His hobbies are eating, sleeping and playing with the other dogs. Jamaice is his BBFF (Best Bulldog Friend Forever) they have a very special bond together.
Allthough this gentle giant looks very innocent, he is known around the house to steal all kinds of stuff. If it’s not nailed to the ground, Smirnoff will take it and hide it. Luckily he is not such a good hider,  so whenever there is something missing in or around the house they only have to check Smirnoff’s bed.

baggy bulldogs
Like all Bulldogs Smirnoff makes a great model, and like a real model, no matter what outfit you put him in he always looks fabulous.

Baggy Bulldogs

Baggy Bulldogs
Baggy Bulldogs
Thank You Bev Street for sharing your Bulldog Family with us, we are proud to have Smirnoff in our V.I.B. section  ♥
Big Hugs for Noffie!

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One thought on “Smirnoff the Bulldog

  1. Kip Quick

    Smirnoff surely gave me a chuckle this evening! What a character 🙂 I have four Boston Terriers… not such good hiders are they either!! LOL

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