Bulldogs in Sports

There are a lot of people
who think the English Bulldog
is a slow and lazy dog.

Now I can tell you 
from my own experience
that thats is not true.

Yes, Bulldogs do love
their comfort and their sleep,
No, they can not run a marathon
and yes it is true, that they are not the best swimmers….


The Bulldog by nature is a playfull and active dog.
They love the walks and when they play they go all out.
They might not be the best swimmers
but most Bulldogs can and do swim (mine do).

Overall, the Bulldog might not be
fit for endurance sports
but they love to play and be active
just like any other dog.

I try to encourage other Bulldog owners 
to give their dogs a more active way of life,
for instance by organizing Bulldog Beach Walks
in the Netherlands every year.

Remember :

A Happy and Healthy Bulldog is a Frolicky and Active Bulldog!

And I got the pictures and videos to proof it!

Here is a collection of photos and videos of Bulldogs
from all over the world showing their true nature.


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