Super Heroes

Bulldogs are very proud and brave dogs, especially when it comes to protecting their family or food. These heroic dogs do have some contradicting characteristics.

Bulldogs can be your daredevil, your hero and stuntbull
and in some cases they are the biggest softies, wimps and cry bullies

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Scared of …

a Box:


a Plastic Bag:


a Hula Hoop:

a little Race Car:

a Game called Bejeweled:

a Coconut:

again a Plastic Bag:

a Floor Vent:

a Sprite:

a Leaf:

a Male Model:

a Hair Straightener:

a Paintroller:

a couple of Plants:

a Cup of Water:

a Cardboard Intruder:


In conclusion Bulldogs might not be the most heroic dogs but they stand for whats most important in a Bulldogs mind thats Family & Food:D Bulldog no Superheroes but allthough..

Nananananana BatBull



and Robin o.c.

The Hulk


Bulldogs in the Line of Duty



They might be wimps and chicken sometimes but Bulldogs will always be our Hero!

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