The Bulldog Character index

This blog is to give more insight
into the Bulldog’s character.
Let me start by stating
that no Bulldog is the same.

These numbers are based
on averages and based on
my own personal experiences with Bulldogs
in over 20 years of having them as pets
and my experience as a foster parent
and dog trainer for the Baggy Bulldog Rescue.

Are you thinking about adopting a Bulldog?
These characteristics and stats will help
you understand the Bulldog’s character and needs.

Are you an experienced Bulldog owner?
Let us know if you agree with these stats
and let us know if we missed anything
in the comments or on the Bulldog Forum


Adapts well to apartment/city living

When choosing the perfect pooch
for your apartment, you should also
take into consideration the dog’s
energy level, noisiness, and friendliness.

The Bulldog is the ideal dog for city living.
Their mellow personalities
fit right in with city life.

They are content, they rarely bark, are very social
and don’t require much exercise.
Daily walks and lots of cuddles
and they’re all set.

Good For Novice Owners

The Bulldog is often labeled
as a dumb and untrainable dog

This is not true!
Bulldogs are in fact very easy to train
and they are also very smart
However what works for most dogs
will often not work with Bulldogs.

So even an experienced dog owner
who owned different dog breeds
can still be an unexperienced owner
when it comes to Bulldogs.

A Bulldog will need a soft approach
and may need some more repetitions
before a command is learned.
But a Bulldog will never forget
anything he or she learned.

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